10 Oct

Wine is a very old and complex drink with a long and fascinating history. It will take you years of study to really understand its intricacy and become a wine connoisseur.

Today, it’s the occasion to sharpen your wine facts, look smarter and actually learn something useful about the wine culture.

Did you know that wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in the Middle East?

The earliest remnants of wine were discovered in Iran, dating back to the Neolithic period (8500-4000 B.C.). The oldest evidence of cultivated vines were found in Georgia, dating from 7000-5000 B.C. It is supposed that the drink originally fermented by mistake. Native yeasts accidentally came in contact with grapes stored in containers, turning the sugars in the grapes into alcohol.

The art of winemaking was later refined by the Egyptians and spread throughout the Mediterranean by the Greeks. The Romans made it popular all over Europe and the Spanish as well as other Europeans took their brew to the New World, Oceania and South Africa.