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JACQUART BRUT MOSAÏQUE is a mosaic of Crus, grape varieties, vintages, aromas and flavors that could not be named more aptly. Chardonnay is the dominant grape variety (35%-40%),

giving Brut Mosaïque its freshness and delicate aromas. Pinot Noir (35%-40%) adds structure and Pinot Meunier (25% -30%) brings fruit. The champagne is Pale yellow with a stream of fine bubbles and aromas of fresh pear, figs and almonds with hints of orange flower. A light swirl of the glass brings out richer notes of honey and freshly baked bread. It is full with a long fruity finish.
When to drink it? Brut Mosaique makes the moment day or night. Enjoy it on its own or with fish and prawns, served on a bed of salad leaves, exotic fruit and fresh coriander.