14 Oct

There’s something very special about Australian wine valleys and especially Barossa. You can feel it in the landscape, in the people, the food and the wine. Wine has been a way of life in Barossa since 1842. Fast forward to today, Barossa is home to more than 550 grape growing families, many  with the sixth […]

14 Oct

The world of wine is ever-changing. New producers, regions and wines emerge every year to compete for our attention. Wine doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but you have to know where to look to find the best values….. And who doesn’t love a great deal? These wines weren’t just chosen because they’re wallet-friendly; […]

WINE & CHOCOLATE Solera Wines, 16 Birch St., Roslindale MA USA 02131 Wednesday | October 4 | 6:30-8:30pm | $69   Sign up Now!   Who could resist wine or chocolate, and even if you could, why would you? Put them together, and you’ve got one of the world’s most delicious food and wine pairings. […]

10 Oct

Wine is a very old and complex drink with a long and fascinating history. It will take you years of study to really understand its intricacy and become a wine connoisseur. Today, it’s the occasion to sharpen your wine facts, look smarter and actually learn something useful about the wine culture. Did you know that […]