September 17, 2021


Join us for a fun afternoon to taste some of our Blended Wines from different regions. This technique has been used for hundreds of years. Most people don’t even realize that some of the most well-known wines are actually blends. Taste for yourself and choose your favorite.
5-7 pm

September 24, 2021


Rias Baixas is from Spain and the other one is from Portugal. What do they have in common? a grape called Albarino or Albarinho . They can be slightly sparkling, generally have high, bracing acid. They’re generally aged in stainless steel, though sometimes oak is used. The wines are almost always bottled and sold young, and meant to be enjoyed right away! If you are a fan of Sauvignon Blanc you will find this style very appealing.
5-7 pm 

September 21, 2021


Croatian Wine Enthusiasts Announce the First International Plavac Mali Day Organizations across the Globe Dedicate September 21st to Plavac Mali Boston, Mass, September 9, 2021 – Today, the Croatian Wine Alliance, a group of global teams promoting Croatian wines led by the US-based duo, Aroma Wine Co., and Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc., are pleased to announce September 21st as the International Plavac Mali Day. This collaboration is a public and private partnership among organizations from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Croatia – all dedicated to telling the many stories of this indigenous and predominant Croatian red variety. To learn about all celebrations worldwide and the participating organizations, follow the Facebook page and the #internationalplavacmaliday hashtag. “Plavac Mali is a predominantly red wine variety growing in Dalmatia which is very recognizable for its distinct aroma and tannins, and deserves a celebration around the time it is typically harvested,” said Mirena Bagur, co-founder of Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc., an importer, online retailer, and advocate for wines of Croatia. “This day will be recognized annually in the week surrounding September 21st , with various events, educational and promotional content in local geographies where Plavac Mali is presented. For example, in Boston we are organizing a wine pairing dinner featuring various Plavac Mali wines and a few tastings in boutique wine stores.”