In 2000 I decided to open Solera, after I saw the opportunity to contribute to the rebounding of Roslindale Village. I had just bought a house in the neighborhood and wine had been a long time interest for me, so I decided to open a wine store. I wanted to create a place for wine lovers where they could come in, feel comfortable browsing around and asking questions, and to give people the opportunity to purchase quality wines without breaking the bank.”

Nestled in the middle of Rozzie Square, the store first opened one block away from its present location; “the place was small with a Mediterranean feel and it reminded me of a wine cellar.” In 2011, Solera moved to its current location overlooking the courtyard and surrounded by great restaurants and little shops

Like a fine wine, Solera has only gotten better with age. The shop just celebrated its 15th anniversary and has lived up to its motto as a Shrine to Wine.   The store accommodates about 500 different wines and about 100 different craft beers from around the globe all of which are carefully selected by all the staff.

Throughout the years, we have gotten to know the wine preferences of many of our customers. A common phrase in the store is “you have never steered us wrong”. Roslindale residents make up 80 percent of the customers and the other 20% are people from adjacent communities such as, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Newton and Brookline.”

The following are some of the things customers have to say about us:

“Yes, this place is fantastic. The very best thing is the level of care, knowledge and enthusiasm that the staff have for their collection and personal unfussy service make this store a real joy”. Marc L., October 2007

“A Shrine to Wine is the perfect way to describe this place. Packed to the gills with wine of all types and locales, this place is great for perusing and getting recommendations. Check out the tastings Saturday 5-7pm.”. Megan S., May 2009

“I have learned much about wine from them, and they know my tastes to a tee. I no longer go to the big stores like…..”. Agnes H., October 2010

“Awesome! Great Selection! The owner and the staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful”. Jim D., February 2013

“This was the most reasonably priced non-chain wine shop I have ever been in and with such a great selections” K.S., August 2015